Thesis Proposal

You are probably ending your senior year in college and the only roadblock is your thesis. You are already asked to create a thesis proposal, which states your topic of choice. Your thesis adviser is already pressuring you as you only have a few weeks to go, and you are still unsure of what to write about.

Currently experiencing this? Yes, writing a thesis can be a total nightmare, and the process can be really difficult.

Importance of a Thesis Proposal

Before you write the entire body of your thesis, you have to think of a thesis proposal first. The thesis proposal is submitted to your professor, and this has to be approved before you even start doing your pages-long thesis.

Some students believe that this is the hardest part of writing a thesis. Your thesis proposal must be:

  • Feasible - Your thesis proposal has to be done in a period of time, usually around three months. The research must be finished by then.
  • Answerable by research - If you can't answer your problem through research, then it can't be a thesis proposal.
  • Important - it has to be significant enough to change things in the industry.
  • Original - Your thesis proposal has to bring something new to the table.

Your thesis proposal will set the tone of your entire thesis, so it has to be good from the start.

Writing a Thesis

Once you are done figuring out your thesis proposal, you can finally go on writing a thesis to answer it. Intensive research is crucial here. You cannot go on with your thesis if you don't dig up related literature and get new insights out of it. This will take a lot of time because it is absolutely difficult to get something new since, you can imagine, thousands of students all over the world has probably written something similar to your topic of choice.

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